The development Centre of Nokia Siemens Networks in Wroclaw employs 1200 engineers who do research and develop new technologies so as they create the world standard of new generation networks. “Our employees in Wroclaw are a part of a global network of research and development in our company. They help to create solutions for today’s mobile networks and next generation mobile broadband Internet access, such as Long Term Evolution”, said Mika Vehviläinen, Chief Operating Officer at Nokia Siemens Networks.

Since the consolidation of the section of Nokia and Siemens in April 2007, the employment in the Wrocław Centre has grown from 600 to 1200 people and the Centre has become the largest R&D unit in the telecommunication industry in Poland and one of the largest employer in Lower Silesia.

According to the vision of future of telecommunications, which Nokia Siemens Networks possesses, by 2015 five billion people worldwide will have been connected to the network. This will bring up a variety of business models and popularize broadband Internet access. This means that the volume of transmitted data will increase a hundred times because people will use new mobile services and applications available in Internet.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ mission is to help telecom service providers to build more valuable customer relationships. R&D activities play the main role in creating new technologies and solutions so that the vision of the company and its mission become a reality.

The offices in Bema Square are designed for employees engaged in the development of today’s mobile networks and next generation mobile broadband known as Long Term Evolution (LTE). By the end of 2010 there will have also been two modern laboratories, giving employees access to the latest technology platforms in the working environment.

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