Poker’s dwarf, Gamble’s dwarf and Hot hand’s dwarf have opened the first dwarf’s casino. Since the early morning till late hours they play cards, roulette and one-armed bandit. They gamble for high stakes and piles of thalers are left on the tables every day. A lot of dwarfs leave their homes at night to try their luck playing cards.

It is said that WrocLove’s dwarf has encouraged his fellows to show themselves to  the inhabitants of Wroclaw and to tourists coming to the city. People can meet WrocLove’s dwarf at the most popular historic tenements in Wroclaw – called Jaś i Małgosia (John and Margaret). The appearance of WrocLove’s dwarf is the sign of the progressive dwarfing in Wroclaw. The integration of these small citizens with people is rising, and the admirers of Wroclaw, as the WrocLove’s dwarf, make Wroclaw famous in the whole world for being the friendliest city for dwarfs.

Prisoner (known before as a Pot-bellied dwarf) and Dumplinger were the best friends. Both came to Wroclaw because of the unequalled taste of dumplings. They used to take tourists’ dumplings unexpectedly.

Wroclaw’s Dwarfs photos

However, they argued after Pot-bellied dwarf had eaten all dumplings that belonged to his friend. Theft is a serious crime that’s why Pot-bellied dwarf was sentenced to social works – his job was to be on duty of fermenting milk. It’s known that it is produced when dwarfs pee into it. He drank all the milk and as a result the dwarfs didn’t complete one of their main duties. Therefore the counsel of dwarfs decided to chain Prisoner behind the bars in Więzienna Street.

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