The Botanical Garden of Wroclaw’s University called an oasis of silence and beauty in the heart of a big city is a “living museum”. It is located in the north side of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Church of St. Cross. It is partly located in historical Ostrow Tumski, about 2 kilometers from the Market Square. It’s the second largest botanical garden in Poland and it has entered the list of monuments of Lower Silesia. It was opened in 1811 – the same year as Wroclaw’s University.

Botanical Garden photos

Nowadays the land of the garden includes 7,4 ha and has approximately 7,5 thousand of different species of soil-ground and greenhouses plants. Apart from the exposition plants in the garden one can admire the sectional geological view of coal deposit that was built in 1856. Fossils of plants that do not exist any more and their fossilized trunks are especially interesting. 27 trees growing in the garden are regarded as natural features of historic importance: oaks, beechwoods, platanuses and others.

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