The Memorial cemetery was built by specialized Soviet troops on the area of 5,3 ha in 1945-47. The first burials took place during the siege of Festung Breslau. Within 3-months the 6th Army of general Głuzdowski lost 8.500 soldiers and officers. The cemetery is a burial place for 694 officers whose names are known, 69 unknown and 2 German officers – Horst Vithehl and Jozef Wagner – who served in the troops of Committee of Free Germany.

Memorial Cemetery of Soviet officers photos

A special gravestone is the huge monumental Gloriette that is located in the central part of the cemetary and it honours colonel Ivan Połubin, the triple hero of the Soviet Union, who was shot down over Wroclaw in February 1945. Next to it there are located graves of other two heros of the Soviet Union. Their black granit graves have been made more carefully. Other graves have been made from concrete elements and are the same.

All the elements of the weaponry that are located at the gates were resorted in the fight of Wroclaw. Tanks were destroyed during the storm of the central part of the city.

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