The Szczytnicki Park like the South Park, one of the biggest and the most famous Wroclaw’s park with the high level of arrangement value, occupies the area of 100 ha. It’s located to the east of the old Odra River, on the terrain of the Szczytniki village. One can find 500 different species of threes and shrubberies there. Seven natural features of historic importance are located at the terrain of the park. The most famous is an English oak that is called “Dziadek” (“Grandpa”) which is 500 years old. Its height is in proportion to the extent of the treetop. An interesting fact connected with “Dziadek” is that the pest “Koziróg Dębuś” that eats it is protected too.

Szczytnicki Park photos

The Szczytnicki Park together with its azalea’s groves and rosebays, Japanese garden and rosarium has entered a list of protected objects. At the terrain of the park there are located too: Centennail Hall, Firing Pin, Film Factory, the Institute of Astronomy, the Church of St. John Nepomucena.

In the Szczytnicki Park you can find not only amazing buildings, specimen of nature, but you can also hide in some corner that is easy because of a special way of  planting.

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Source: Wikitravel

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