The Salt Square is a former medieval marketplace in Wroclaw adjoining the Market Square. The Salt Square had originally the size of 84,5 m. by 94 m. It was probably built in 1242 and was called Salzring or Salzplatz. The monument of Marshal Blücher was erected on the square in 1827 and the square got his name. After the World War II the square got historical name again and the monument of Marshal Blücher had been destroyed by Germans earlier.

In the south part there is a classical dome of the Old Stock Exchange. It was designed by Carl Ferdinand Langhans in 1822. Under the Salt Square there is located a 1000 square meter shelter designed by Richard Konwiarz. It can house up to 300 people. In the war time the shelter had its own toilets, a sewage system and two exits.

Salt Square photos

Nowadays the square is a place of a flower market. It stays open every day till late at night. You can buy different types of flowers there and enjoy their beauty.

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Source: Wikipedia

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