The mixture of Jewish jazz and rock, kosher meals and Hebrew workshops – it’s going to happen during the 12th edition of Jewish Culture Festival “Simcha”. Simcha is a Hebrew word  which means joy. For the first time one part of the festival is dedicated to poetry in “Yiddish” language. The poems will be recited by Katarzyna Michalska an actress from Teatr Współczesny in Wroclaw. The organizators have prepared Jewish Papper-Cutting workshop and Jewish comics and graphic workshop. The theme will concern the life and culture of Jewish nation. The last workshop will be carried on by Tomasz Jakub Sysło.

Musicians and bands from the whole Poland and abroad are invited at Simcha Festival. We can listen to for example Jascha Lieberman Trio and Klezzmates band, both from Cracow. Wroclaw’s residents will have a chance to get to know the charm of Sepharadic Jewish cantos on Wednesday. The choir of White Stork Synagogue directed by Stanisław Rybarczyk will sing at the end of the festival, at Sabbath.

White Stork Synagogue Photos

Noteworthy is the International Film Festival “Jewish Motifs” that took place in Warsaw last year and that is going to take place during Simcha Festival. It will consist of documentaries or short films such as “Rozwód po żydowsku”, “Dana”, “Czarodziejka”, “Zabójczy honor” and “Gefilte Fish”.

Programme of the Festival: Simcha – time schedule

The Festival will take place in:

Włodkowica Street no 5(‘Mleczarnia’)– Films from Festival “Jewish motifs”(Free entry);

Poetry  “Yiddish” language (Free entry).

Włodkowica Street no 7 (‘White Stork Synagogue’)

Jewish dance workshop (Free entry);

Klezzmates Band (tickets price: 20/25zl);

Sepharadic’s Jewish cantos (tickets price: 20/25zl);

The White Stork Synagogue Choir (Free entry).

Włodkowica Street no 9 – The Jewish comics and graphic workshop (Free entry);

Hebrew workshop (Free entry);

Jewish Paper-Cutting (Free entry);

Tora reading workshop (Free entry).

Source: MMWroclaw

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