Fairy Tale Bus is a unique idea in Europe – a mobile theater stage for kids that is a miniature version of Wroclaw Dolls Theatre. All details of superstructure are painted and handmade. The first stage of work was connected with changing a car and creating a special platform where there was installed replica of Wroclaw’s Dolls Theatre. The second stage was connected with handmade work.

Two different, independent theater stages are situated in the Fairy Tale Bus. Its mobility helps to accomplish its main idea: to present shows anywhere kids are waiting for it, coming with great stories about dwarfs or others Wroclaw’s stories.

Upcoming events:

“The return of the Mammoth” – 30th May 2010 (Market Square next to Pręgież)

The seller of ice cream who works in Wroclaw Market Square finds a little frozen mammoth in a pack of ice from Antarctica. The history complicates when the little mammoth thaws and speaks in human language. He leaves ice cream shop and goes for search of his parents. He has a lot of interesting, funny adventures and meets a lot of nice people and even he makes friends with Wroclaw dwarf. How does his travel end? See yourself.

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Source: Wroclaw.pl

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