International Festival of Street Art “Busker Bus” is one of the most colourful and joyful events in Poland. Musicians, clowns, circus actors, mimes, acrobats, fire-eaters, dancers, stilt walkers, poets, performers and other artists from Poland and abroad have taken part in it since 1997. The organizator of this event is Romuald Popłynek.

This year the daily performances of the artists will run in the evening in the appointed streets and squares that are signed by special number symbols of Buskerbus’s stops. Every artist will present his/her 45-60 minute programme two times a day – first time between 2-5 p.m., second time between 7-10 p.m. A lot of artits will take part in the night’s performances. Except Buskerbus’s stops there will be other places like An Archipelago of Poets where the artists can  recite their poems at the proverbial 2 metre cobbles selling at the same time their signed poems. They will also have to adapt this space and create some production design or prepare music as a part of their performance.

The next interesting places are Painters alley and Sculptors alley where working on the street artists can also present their works. During the daily performances the main place will be the bus of the Busker Bu’s from which announcements, comments connected with Festival’s events and the interviews with the artists will be presented. The bus will be the information centre and the office.

The time of festival: 25 to 27 June 2010

Place: Market Square

What is the most important thing in this event? You don’t have to buy any tickets and there are no rankings or competitions. This festival is a promotion of indepedent and free art.

Busker Bus 2010 photos

Here is the list of this year International Festival of Street Art “Busker Bus” performers:

1. PHILIP FAIRWEATHER – Great Britain – street singing
2. AAAHH! – Germany/Austria – man band + accordionist
3. MONICA CORONADO – Spain – singing
4. DJAMMAL – Argentina– jugglery, clowns performance
5. LUI LUI – Argentina – clowns performance
6. MAURANGAS – Argentina – man circus
7. OUM TCHA – France/Australia – humoristic swing
8. PAPITO – Argentina – acrobatics, jugglery
9. The Rolling Stage Rockers – Sweden – rock – 60 years
10. Stripey „Bowling” Hancock – Great Britain – blues/country
11. BARBARA MURATA – Japan – circus/clowns performance
12. DUO RESONANTE – Denmark/Mexico – jazz project
13. ROB LOK – USA – clowns performance
14. MAREK WEGLARSKI – Germany – Gypsy jazz
15. EL DIABOLERO – Austria – jugglery
16. KABARE PUPALA – Germany/Spain – dolls theatre
17. CAPELA CABARET – Columbia/Mexico –  clowns theatre
18. ENRIQUEZ LOPEZ TRIO – Bolivia/Peru/Canada –guitar trio
19. PAMBAZOS BROS – Uruguay –comedians
21. HANNAH PEARL DUO – Australia/Spain – song author
22. SHIVA GRINGS – Germany – comedian
23. NATASHA McGHIE – Great Britain – acrobats
24. LUCY LOU – Germany – acrobats, clowns performance
25. KAMMANN – Germany – jugglery, acrobats, clowns performance
26. PAMBAZOS BROS – Uruguay – comedians
27. JEAN-MARIE OLIVE – France – paris songs with barrel organ
28. SMITTEN – Australia – authors music
29. ILLHAM PROJECT – Francja – song author
30. Vincent van Hessen – The Netherlands – music
31. CIRKUSZ-KA – Hungary – music
32. OSTAP KINDRACZUK – Ukraine– bard Cossack

Source: Wroclaw

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