It is 65 years old, its wheel tractors have the diameter of 1400 millimeters and turned wheels – 660 millimeters, it is 30 metres long and weighs 80 tons. The Ty2-1035 locomotive has changed into the city sculpture and has been located at Strzegomski Square in Wroclaw. Two cranes were used to set the locomotive.

Train to Heaven photos

It’s the largest monument in Poland. It was Andrzej Jarodzki, an artist from Wroclaw who came up with its idea 16 years ago. However, he was not able to realize it for long time. “I hit on it by chance in 1993. I was playing my son’s locomotive, I set it upright and that’s where the idea came from.” In the project of Jarodzki the locomotive standing on the siding of the Museum of Industry and Railways in Jaworzyna Śląska was used.

Source: MMWrocław

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