AmRest Holdings SE (AmRest) is the largest independent company running the chain of restaurants in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 1993 the company has developed the portfolio of brands, the leaders in their categories such as: KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Applebee’s and Starbucks based on franchising and a joint venture cooperation . Nowadays AmRest manages more than 400 restaurants in the segment of quick Service Restaurants and Casual Dining Restaurants and brands created by AmRest such as: freshpoint and Rodeo Drive.

AmRest was set up in October 2000 as the joint venture American Retail Concepts (ARC) with the company Yum! Brands (Yum!) that had been named Tricon Global Restaurants before. They included into the company their own restaurants: ARC – 25 restaurants of KFC and 15 restaurants of Pizza Hut and Yum!, 23 restaurants of KFC and 26 restaurants of Pizza Hut. One of the stockholders of ARC was Donald M. Kendall, the co-founder and ex president of PepsiCo Inc.

AmRest employs more than 18 000 employees.

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Source: AmRest Wikipedia

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