The organization “Memory and Future” will open a great jubilee exhibition on August 27. Its subject will be the genesis and phenomenon of “Solidarność”, mainly in the perspective of Wroclaw and the creation of “Solidarność” as one of the most important events in the latest history of Poland and the world. The exhibition is going to bring the history and achievements of democratic opposition of the 80s closer. It will present most of all the events of Wroclaw.

“Solidarity Wroclaw” photos

The phenomenon of “Solidarność” as the mass social movement will be presented among others through the stories of individuals. That is why the exhibition will be a story that will tell about ordinary people such as Jarosław Hyk who was run over by milicia car during the manifestation in 1982. Other example is the history of money that was hidden by the leadership of “Solidarność” before the day of martial law and that helped to pay for underground activity of the organization in the next years.

The exposition will reconstruct the general atmosphere of those days by presenting characteristic elements of communist reality, the system of oppression and the typical daily life. It will be the story about life that happened then, about the fight with the system, how the secret printings or broadcasting centre worked and how the opposition activity looked like. On the other hand it will present the methods of communist government that were used against its opposition. The exhibition will be divided into sections.

The exhibition will take place in a 1000 square meters hall in Słowackiego Street next to the head office of post and will be open for 3 months.

Source: Wroclaw

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