Market Hall in Wroclaw designed by of Richard Plüddemann was built in 1906-1908. It is located next to Piaskowa street, Nankier square and Świetego Ducha street and it’s close to the Market Square, the Sand Island, the Lover’s Bridge and the oldest district of the city. The hall was built to improve the trade in the city centre that had taken place at the Nowy Targ before.

Market Hall photos

Before building the hall, there had been the bishops court from the 14th century rebuilt for the sand arsenal at the beginning of XVI century and demolished in 1905. The cannonballs were fixed to the north elevation to commemorate it. The covering roof of the hall is supported by reinforced concrete parabolic arches that were designed by Friedrich August Küster and it was an innovation on the global engineering scale. The underground of the hall held the height of 3,7 meter basements. The outside look of the hall was modelled on the Berlago Amsterdam Exchange of and it has the features that link to the medieval historical stream. The inside is fully modernist.

The hall wasn’t destroyed by the warfare in 1945 and it was used practically just after the war . It was renovated in 1980-1983 and since that time it has been the most important trade place in the city.

Source: Wikipedia

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