Murals (from Spanish) are wall paintings that are made on large surfaces, usually on the external parts of buildings. The cradle of murals is Mexico where very famous mural’s artists such as Diego Riviera, David Alfaro Siquerios, Clemente Orozco, Rufino Tamayo come from. Murals were made also in Latin America in the 20s and 30s of the XX century. They were supposed to present the history of a country, its culture and indicate the need of social change.

Murals photos

Polish murals have their origin in communism. They were used as the propaganda tool and in advertisements. A lot of gables were covered by huge murals that propagated the ideas of communism: “Working for the country means working for oneself” or advertised PKO the monopolistic company.

Today murals aren’t associated with grandiloquent slogans but they are an advertisement or the way of presenting thoughts by artist. A lot of young people have chosen mural art as the mean of joining them with audience.

The most murals in Wroclaw were designed by Sławek “Zbioku” Czajkowski. The artist usually shows relationships or social problem that touch him.

Source: Muralia

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