American Film Festival will be a chance to get to know American cinematography and at the same time  the culture and reality of the U.S. Not only will new films of well known directors be presented at the festival, but also of unknown ones. Polish audience will also have an opportunity to discover the names and phenomena in the American cinema. AFF has an aim to change the stereotype of American cinematography that is like a supermarket producing films for the global market.

American Film Festival will also have an educational character. Apart from the newest films it will present classical ones: retrospectives of directors and actors, genre cinema, themes.


From its beginning American cinematography has reacted to current events in the country. The films that will be presented are the contribution to seminars, lectures and discussions on social, political and culture problems. Besides the directors of the films, American film critics, journalists, sociologists, philosophers, writers and artists will be invited to take part in the discussions.

American Film Festival is the first and the only such an event in Poland and apart from the festival in Deauville in France it’s unique on European scale.


Source: American Film Festival

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