Mikołaj Kopernik city park, located next to Dolls Theatre, also named Old Town Park has been renewed and modernized and it is the next part of renewing old town promenade.

The most interesting part of the park is the playground – it has a shape of an ellipse with small hills and it is secured by a safe, rubber “Playtop” surface. Owing to the cooperation with Wrocław’s zoo there is an aviary with parrots and pheasants in the park. The birds will come back to the zoo for winter.

Old Town Park photos

The next attraction is a roundabout which is stylized for the XIXth  century merry-go-round and which has been brought from France. It has the images of Wroclaw’s monuments and is equipped with horses and gondolas. In front of the terrace of the Dolls Theatre there is a fountain “A boy with a swan”. It’s surrounded by a special surface that passes water and air.

New paths, alleys and little squares have been paved and 36 lanterns and 39 illumination points have been installed. More trees and bushes have been planted, new lawns have been made and a new automatic irrigation system has been designed. The plants isolate the noise. The place has a great acoustics. The musicians who play without amplification can be heard in the middle of the park.

Source: PIK

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