After the period without African films in our cinemas, we can now observe the evolution in the presentation of histories of real people and society. This back to the roots helped African cinematography – it became more attractive, more personal and less inhibited. Such a kind of cinematography will be presented during the festival. New African films are characterized by the return to tradition, namely the time of Ousmane Sembene and his social cinematography. On the other hand a Nigerian way of financing films is predominant. The artists who make their debut managed to link social communication with an attractive form. The directors stopped making films according to the standards of western critics and as expected by them but they create their own unique movie language. It gives freshness and uniqueness to the newest African films.

During the festival one can see movies that are made by women and have specific female gaze – emotional and personal, emphasising education. An interesting proposal are the films from the series of “AfroSelecta: “Imani” – the most important African discovery in 2010 in which the director shows in a realistic way the key moments of life of 3 persons of postwar Kampala – 12 year old boy-soldier, a maid and a dancer with criminal.  – and “Pumzi” – 20 minutes of Kenya science-fiction that shows the world after the third world war – the war fought for water.


Place: Kino Lalka

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