Wroclaw University officially began to exists in 1702, but it could have been built even 200 years earlier. Wladyslaw II Jagielonczyk, the king of Czech and Hungary at that time, published a privilege that funded four faculty university in Wroclaw in 1505. The only thing needed was the permission of the pope Julius II. The king sent letters with 3 thousand florens to cover the costs of negotiations. However the protests of professors from Cracow Academy and patricians of Cracow blocked this case. The discrete trial of bribery didn’t help and the university wasn’t open at the beginning of XVI century.

In 1728 – 26 years after the gold bull of Roman-German Emperor Leopold I Habsburg who set up Jesuit’s Academy Leopoldina in Wroclaw – Jesuits started to build the construction of their Academy next to the Odra River. They planned to build 3 towers: the highest in the middle and 2 smaller ones next to it. The building wasn’t finished and out of 3 towers only one was built, the  side – Mathematical tower.

The Mathematical Tower, which terrace is located at an altitude of 40 meters, is a very popular place of tourist’s trips in Wroclaw. Despite the fact that it’s not the highest tower in Wroclaw, the view is really amazing. To the north one can see the Odra river and lots of tenements, to the east and south the whole beauty of Wroclaw. On the corners of the tower there are  allegorical statues made by Franz Mangoldt. They  symbolize the four great scientific disciplines: theology (her attribute is a cross and a book), philosophy (the globe and a compass), themis (scales and the papal tiara) and medicine (snake stick of Aesculapias).

Source: tuwroclaw.com

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