Jean Michel Jarre is currently one of the most prominent figure in contemporary culture, an artist who is the pioneer of electronic music and the greatest popularizer of this type of music. His first album that was a massive success was “Oxygène” from 1976 which was bought by over 18 million people. The albums: “Oxygène” “, ”Equinoxe”, ”Magnetic Fileds”, ”Zoolook”, ”Rendez- Vous” or “Waiting For Cousteau”  became the huge success and their 80 million CDs were sold in the whole world.

Jean Michel Jarre’s concerts are very popular and the artist has broken the Guiness’ record several times because of the high number of audience. In 2005 the artist gave a remarkable concert “The freedom space” in the ‘Stocznia Gdanska’ to commemorate the 25th anniversary of ‘Solidarnosc’.

His unbelievable performances create the marriage of the analog synthesizer, the big projector high definition screens and exciting laser and lights art direction and they are made by the newest digital technology. Jarre has changed the definition of concert creating spectacular, sound and music landscapes. During his concert the audience can feel the magic of the master.

The artist is going to present the most important songs from his albums and will do it by using original analog synthesizer and the legendary laser harp.

Time: 14th November 2010, 8 p.m.

Place: Centennial Hall



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