Wroclaw Industrial Festival is one of the most important cyclic events that are devoted to the popularization of the artistic achievements of performers whose area of interest is generally understood as industrial music. The festival is organized every year in November and it consists of the main programme of concerts as well as lectures, workshops and exhibitions. The main idea of the festival is to present different musical (and artistic) phenomena in industrial culture and leading trends and to show new, esthetic courses  that use this design. The axis of events are the audiovisual concerts of the multimedia nature connecting music with video pictures and performance art.


On the one hand the festival appeals to traditional avant-guard music, presents the performers that are the progenitors of this type of music, but on the other hand it presents how in different conditions this kind of art developed: from esthetic ‘noise’ through ‘dark ambient’ and ‘rhytm’n industrial’ to typical acoustic performance of the representative of ‘dark flow’.

Time: 10.11.2010 – 14.11.2010

Source: PIK

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