Merchants from Poland, Czech, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary will have their stands at the Wroclaw’s Market Square. They will sell local products and treats that one can’t buy in the city shops like bread with caraway seeds, salmon sausages or delicious cheese. There will be an extensive range of treats like gingerbread, toys, artwork, crafts or jewelry. In the fairytale forest one can find the characters from familiar fairy tales and children can have fun on a carousel.

Christmas Fair’s photos

The winter won’t be a problem when one can drink local mulled wine in the ceramic mug. This year one can taste something new – chestnuts. The second new thing will be fish from the Barycz Valley. Carp, the king of the local ponds will be served in a different way: smoked or hot. The carp has been connected with Polish Christmas habits for a very long time. It’s difficult to say who is responsible for this habit but it is said that it was the Cistercian Order that was in Lubiąż in 1150. The Cisercians had  the first ponds in the Barycz Valley. The monk’s passion for the carps was due to the fact that it was the beginning of Christianity and that they had a lot of fasts and they couldn’t eat meat. The carps were the only meal for monks and the chance for local population to earn some money. During the Christmas Fair one can taste different flavours of the carp.



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