There are only six such real estates in the World. Each of them was the manifestation of modern architecture called modernism – the essence of artistic avant-garde of the first half of the XX century. The most famous real estate is in Weißenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart and it is a pilgrimage destination of fans of modern architecture from all over the world. Another, equally interesting real estate is located in Dąbie quarter in Wrocław.  One can find here one of the best examples of Wrocław’s modernism. That time the capital of Lower Silesia was in the avant-garde of modern architecture.

Another interesting building is the Model House no. 7 designed by Adolf Rading. It is located in Tramwajowa Street and it’s called “high-rise”(Turmhaus). Now it is a student house” Pancernik” and it’s adapted for married couples with children. Rading designed two ten floor skyscrapers, but they were reduced to 4 floors because of the construction administration. They were symmetric objects that were linked by corridors in each floor. The space of the roof was decorated by oval elements taken from naval architecture. There are 24 flats in these buildings. The original form of these buildings wasn’t saved – the open space between the buildings was  built up.


The next building is the Model House no. 31 designed by Hans Schauron. It is located in Kopernika  Street 9. Its complicated shape and the size are very interesting and attract attention. It was designed as a hotel for singles and married couples without children. The building has two three storey wings – in the south wing there were single apartments and in the north wing there were rooms for marriages. The wings were linked by an oblique entrance vestibule. In one wing there are 2 floors with balconies and there is  a strip of ground-floor windows of the restaurant. In the second wing there aren’t balconies but the terrace with the garden on the roof. It is easy to notice elements taken from the naval architecture because of  oval holes in the back walls which were criticized during a fair. Nowadays it’s a Park hotel.


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