The architectural concept has been prepared by ‘JSK Architekci’ and it’s called a Stadium-Lantern that shape will be easy to recognize and will be associated with Wrocław – a developing city of meetings.

It’s distinguished by the shape that is highlighted by the elevation. The building of the stadium will be  covered by fiberglass net coated with teflon. The net will be placed using steel rings that will trim the whole construction. It’s the only such an elevation in Poland. Its uniqueness gives this place the light and transparent character. Special light technology can change the colour of the elevation depending on the event.

Under the semi-transparent elevation there are hidden concrete grandstands and four satellite buildings that seen from the top look like beans.

The ‘JSK Architekci” created not only the stadium itself but also its neighbourhood, including a promenade that will be around the stadium and that will be called ‘esplanda’. ‘Esplanada’ will let people get to the stadium from 2 sides. From the south one will get to the stadium from Lotnicza street and to special integrated stop of trams, trains and external parking for bikes. From the north one will get from the north transportation hub city trams and buses and also from parking for coaches.


Basic data:

number of seats under the roof: 42 771

dimensions: 272x224m

number of levels: 6

surface area: 68x105m=7140m^2


Special map for Euro 2012

Source: Wroclaw2012

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