Sky Tower is a residential, office, commercial and recreational complex in Wrocław that is going to be finished in November 2012. The complex will be divided into 3 buildings:

–          B1 building – a 3 storey podium with among others a shopping mall,

–          B2 building –a  50 storey tower, in which on the levels 28 to 48 there will be located 184 apartments and on other levels offices,

–          B3 building – a 19 storey cascade sail where on levels 11 to 18 there will be located 52 apartments and offices.

The building will be located on the place of demolished Poltegor (between Powstańców Śląskich, Wielka, Gwiaździsta and Szczęśliwa streets). Originally the highest tower was designed to  be about 258 meters high (with a spire – the roof  was supposed to be 221 meters high) and the Sky Tower will be the highest living building in Poland and the highest roof in Poland and one of the highest buildings in Europe. In October 2009 the owner of Sky Tower Leszek Czarnecki decided to change the height of the building to 207 meters. However, finally it was decided the building would be 212 meters high.

Sky Tower photos

Some interesting information about the building and works connected with it:

–          before the works started 200 thousand cubic meters (27 250 trucks) had to be removed,

–          150 piles that had 18 meters length and a diameter of 1,5meter were dug under the construction ,

–          70 thousands square meters of glass were used for the glazed facades ,

–          about 1000 workers will work on the construction place.

Do you want to buy an apartment in the highest building in Wroclaw? You will find the details on this page:

Source: Wikipedia

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