The baroque garden is located in the centre of the city. It is surrounded by the walls of Ossolineum, Ursuline High School and “Maciejówka”. The entrance to this garden is from Szewska Street or directly from Ossolineum. The garden has precisely trimmed hedges and very interesting brick and marble decorations. One can sit on the iron bench and listen to the sounds of water from a fountain. The architect of the garden, Anna Mordasiewicz, took care of the faithful presentation of baroque trends.

The central point of the garden is the monument of the Silesian baroque poet, Angelus Silesius. Angelus Silesius was born in 1624 in Wrocław. His real name was Johannes Schefler. One of his most important art works was “Angelic wanderer”. It isn’t an accident that the monument is located in the Ossolineum yard. Every year the Central European Award “Angelus” is given in Wrocław.

Ossolineum Garden’s photos

Source: Teraz Wrocław

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