On 2nd of November 2006 Opera Software opened its R&D office in Wroclaw, the first in Poland and in the eastern part of Europe. About 100 Polish engineers deal with the Opera and Opera Mini browsers.

In June 2007 Opera Software concluded the agreement with Polish portal Onet.pl according to which Onet became:

–   Onet.pl became the central element of speed dial of the Opera Internet package,

–   OnetLajt – the mobile version of portal Onet.pl — appeared in the boot screen of Opera Mini,

–   OnetLokalizator that is based on the technology of Zumi website, was the local searcher in Opera Mini.

In June 2008 Opera Software made an agreement with Allegro.pl, Polish auction site. The effect of the cooperation was the promotion of the portal by Opera 9.5 and Opera Mini 4.1.

See how the work in the Opera Software looks like in Wroclaw

The browser Opera Mini that was practically made in Wroclaw was reported to App Store and was installed in all Iphones in the world. In the capital of Lower Silesia in Szewska street 8 there is located Polish centre of the company. 140 employees that work in this office have contributed to all programmes of the Opera: Opera, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. The Wroclaw’s office also made widgets.

Source: Wikipedia

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