Exactly one year ago on 26th March 2010 I published my first post on Enjoy Wroclaw’s blog. I’ve written 108 posts and added 395 tags for a year. My goal was to present Wroclaw as an interesting place to visit for weekends, holidays and breaks. I`ve presented interesting information about places (White Stork Synagogue, Japanese Garden), events (Jazz nad Odrą, Joe Coker) and showed Wroclaw from a foreigner`s point of view. I would like to thank Claire and Polish Mama on the Prairie who shared their feelings and observations with us. More than 12 000 people have visited my blog for one year.

If you are looking for information about Wroclaw and there is something that you need to know, feel free to add comments or write to me about it. Maybe there is something you would desperately like to know about Wrocław? 🙂 This blog is for you and you can take part in creating Enjoy Wroclaw’s.

You can also share your photos of Wroclaw with us.

I’m waiting for reviews and comments!



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