The KAN Festival has been on the Wroclaw’s cinema stage for 12 years gathering the authors and festival audience in Wroclaw’s studio cinemas. The festival has always provoked conversations and a confrontation of beginning artists with their more experienced colleagues. It is still unique despite the fact that it is one of the oldest such an “off” trend movie event.

The 12th final will be held on May, 4-8 in Lwów Cinema in Wrocław. The main element will be the competition of Polish and then foreign movies  – they will be dedicated 6 movie blocks during 4 days. Apart from the movie competition, in the small cinema hall one can have a chance to see theme presentations. In the festival club there will be organized workshops during the day, and concerts in the evenings.

The competition of Polish movies will be surprising. It will be full of fresh look of topics that one can’t see in traditional movies. One can see a lot of animation or documents. The “off” productions will be mixed with the semi professional cinema, amateurs will meet with the students of cinema high schools. All of them can present their movies.

The competition of foreign movies will consist of movies from the whole world. One can see 49 movies from 21 countries on this year edition of the festival. Mainly there will be semi professional productions, but awarded on other festivals, the movies that one must see. The films present different problems:  love, conspiracy theories or technology fantasies.


–          pass for the whole festival – 80 zł,

–          single ticket for one movie block – 9 zł,

–          triple ticket for 3 movie blocks – 21 zł,

–          concerts – 35zł /pre-order 25zł / discounts with movie tickets.

From April, 20 to May, 2 one can buy tickets in a festival box office – ul. Kościuszki 34, room 4.

From May, 3 they can be bought in Lwów Cinema – ul. Hallera 15.


4th May:

foreign movie competition

3p.m. – Block no. 1,

5.15 p.m. – Block no. 2,

7.30 p.m. – Block no. 3.

Special for XII KAN Festival

5.30 p.m. – Canary cinema from the Canarias Rueda Festival,

8 p.m. – Young Polish cinema – production of Munka Studio.

5th May

foreign movie competition

3 p.m. – Block no. 4,

5.p.m.  – Block no. 5,

7 p.m. – Block no 6.

Special for XII KAN Festival

6 p.m. – Chinese Animations,

8 p.m. – Chinese Animations: China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival

6th May

Polish movie competition

3 p.m. – Block no. 1,

5 p.m. – Block no. 2,

7 p.m. – Block no. 3,

9 p.m. – Block no. 4.

Special for XII KAN Festival

6 p.m. – Slovak cinema – Festival Amfest

7th May

Polish movie competition

1 p.m. – Block no. 5,

4 pm. – Block no. 6,

6 p.m. – Block no. 7.

Special for XII KAN Festival

6 p.m. – special show of Spanish cinema

8th May

3 p.m. – The gala awards ceremony and the projections of winner movies

Source: KAN

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