Jewish Culture Festival ”Simcha” will last 6 days and will be full of different events: lectures, meetings with famous people, theatre performances, movie projections, workshops, language courses, concerts. According to Jewish culture, 13 is the number that has a special meaning because it refers to the symbols of kabala and maturation. Because it is going to be the 13th edition of the festival its programme will revolve around them.

The programme of the festival will be on four pillars:

The first one is connected with the events (workshops, happenings, walks) that will be led by outstanding artists and will have the aim to develop creativity.

The second will be educational and it will consist of lectures and meetings – it will be a chance to know more about Jewish culture.

The third one will be the presentation of movies connected with Jewish culture. During the festival there will be presented movies from the 8th edition of International Festival of Jewish Motifs in Warsaw.

The last pillar will be concerts which is a tradition during the festival. It’s a great chance to listen to different kinds of Jewish music that are played on high, artistic level.

Time: 29.05-03.06.2011

Source: PIK

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