The 2011 season  of Wroclaw Fountain started on 25th April. The Fountain will work in normal gear with a show every hour. Its special shows presented every Friday and Saturday started on 1st of May.

The fountain offers multimedia shows that stimulate the senses. The water is launched to 40 meters. On the 700 square meter water screen one can watch artistic animations that are enriched with the sounds of water and music.

Wroclaw Fountain is one of few such projects in the world. In the basin of the fountain there are located 300 different kinds of water nozzles (geysers, foam nozzles, mist nozzles, palm nozzles) and 3 fire nozzles. The show of water and fire is also enriched with special pictures that are presented on the water screen by a projector and also by lasers and sounds of music. The fountain illuminates almost 800 big and small light points. In winter the fountain serves as an ice rink.


 Source: Wroclaw

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