I’ve decided to present some legends about Wroclaw. That’s why I’ve created the new category “Legends” where you can find stories connected with this beautiful city. Today I will start with the history of a district of Wrocław called “Psie Pole”.

When in 1109 two big armies Polish and German stood facing each other in the field near Wroclaw, Germans were waiting for a battle with hope. They were tired of a long march in the country where local citizens were against them Polish troops attacked them in a lot of small battles, and heroically defended  castle in Głogów was impregnable. They were sure that they would win because of higher number of soldiers and better armament. Despite the fact that their opponent was Bolesław Krzywousty, the leader that was glorified by them in songs, they thought that everything would be better than march or famine.

But they were mistaken. In the vicious battle Polish troops were fighting heroically. The battle existed in the legends of crests: the ancestor of Nowiny crest lost his leg  fighting on foot because he had given his horse to Bolesław Krzywousty whose horse had been killed  in the battle. After the battle Nowina got the gold shin for heroic fight and the creast of Nowina.

During this battle there was destroyed the biggest military power in Europe in that time – The Holy Roman Empire of German Nation. After the battle there were a lot of dead bodies and a lot of homeless dogs made the feast there. Since that time this place has been named “Psie Pole”.

Source: „Legendy i podania wrocławskie i dolnośląskie” Krzysztof Kwaśniewski

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