Since 1998 the recreation stable has been opened for the whole year. It includes the hipppotherapy classes. All fans of horses: players, fans of races, people who want to learn how to ride a horse and other people are welcome here. The Wroclaw’s Racecourse is also an organizer of fairs: child day, day with British Embassy and livestock shows.

The tradition of racecourses started in Wroclaw in the Middle Ages, but the first racecourse was opened in 1833. It was located in the part of today’s Zoological Garden and Centennial Hall. On 31 May 1833 there was the first racecourse. Since 1870 the racecourse has been connected with the Tote Race. The loan agreement of this racecourse was finished in 1907 and that’s why the Silesian Partnership of Horse Breeder and Racecourses bought the land in Partynice district. On 1st October 1905 the construction of the racecourse started and the project was made by R. Jurgens from Hamburg.

The buildings that are nowadays located there where built in the beginning of the 20th century. In the 50s there were built 5 new buildings – building stables and the buildings of Tote Race.


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