One upon a time there was a hardworking and honest man who really liked eating. The meal for him was a bowl of good, Silesian dumplings that nobody could make as good as his wife. When his wife died, he mourned not only her but also the lost of his favourite meal.

One day he came to Wroclaw. After settling the matters when he was walking next to the Cathedral he sat at the front of the gate of Saint Idzi Church  to relax for a while. The day was hot so he fell asleep. He saw heaven with angels and saints in his dreams but among them he didn’t see his wife. She was sitting in the corner and asked him to stop mourning her because his sadness disturbs her eternal happiness.

In that moment he woke up and realized that there was a basket with his favourite meal – Silesian dumplings in front of him which was so good as his wife’s . He started eating but decided to keep one dumpling as a souvenir. When he was finishing he changed his mind and wanted to eat the last one but the dumpling flew away and clung into the arc of the gate. The news of this event spread widely and rapidly, people wanted to destroy the dumpling on the arc but it fossilized and clung so hard that stayed there till today.

Source: „Legendy i podania wrocławskie i dolnośląskie” Krzysztof Kwaśniewski

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