The Choir of Alexander is the one of the most famous artistic groups that are from the countries of the former USSR. The name of the group is connected with the founder and the first manager of the choir, Alexander Alesandrow – a talented professor of Moscow’s Conservatory. The first performance of the choir was on 12th October 1928. The group included 12 artists then: vocal octet, two dancers and two musicians. After few years, in the middle of the 30s, the group grew and became the man choir with an orchestra and a dancing group. The activity of the choir was the answer for the expectation and interest of audience and became the pillar of developing this new form of Russian music – soldier songs with artistic performance. The Choir sang about very important events in the country and reacted to the expectations of society.

Nowadays J.B.Uchow is the manager of the choir and I. I. Tupikow and S. A. Sokolow are its masters. The group is considered one of the best man choirs in the whole world. Untypical mixture of harmony and clean sound of academic group with emotionality and directness of folk music keep in the memory of audience for a long time. The repertoire of the choir consists of over 2 thousand songs: from solider songs,  national songs, folk songs, sacral music to the songs of Russian and world compositors and also masterpieces of world popular music.

Time: 10.10.2011 7 p.m.

Hala Orbita



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