Interdisciplinary Fringe Festival (IFF) in Wroclaw is based on the structure of Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. “We hope this idea, which proved itself to be successful at similar events around the world, from Australia and New Zealand to Canada, the United States (New York) and Europe (Dublin, Barcelona) will also “work” in Wroclaw, especially when you consider that Wroclaw is a “meeting place” . Here, just like in Edinburgh, we have a lot of interesting places suitable for the presentation of various art forms.”

Fringe is the family of artistic festivals that are in all world. It refers to multidiscipline, unconventional  artistic works.

The term “Fringe theater” appeared in 1948 in Edinburgh to alter the theater, to divide the official Edinburgh theatrical festival and Fringe Theater. Fringe is the place for the artists of a new generation who aren’t scared to do something different that people expect, to experiment with space and thoughts, to challenge the audience and to weave the art into every day’s life.

The event will be for two weeks, from 14th September to 2nd October. The festival will have two streams – in the main one can see artists who are invited by organizers and in the “off” stream one can see projects that will be chosen and qualified from the proposals that were sent to the organizers.


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