There is a street that cuts in half Wroclaw’s Market Square. It is only 75 meters long, but it’s very colourful. It’s Kurzy Targ street with a rich history that linked the east part of Market Square (called the side of green tube) with Szewska Street.

The name “green tube” comes from a public well that was located in this part of Market Square (exactly under the tenement house no. 36/37), and the greenery that appeared in the name was connected with algae on the tube. Kurzy Targ street was delineated in the XIIIth century and its name was connected with street trading. There was sold not only poultry there but also venison, milk, vegetables and fruit. The name of the street appeared in the books in the XVth and XVIth century and functioned till the end of the XVIIIth century and then was changed for the name “Tylny Targ”. In the middle of the XVth century there were boxes of clogs and slippers manufactures and merchants pots. Later a goldsmith, a tailor, a glazier and a chemist lived in this street. The trade books appeared here in 1512 when the merchant Franciszek Kloss, who was living there, got from king Zygmunt Stary the privilege to buy and sell books in Poland.

The south part of Kurzy Targ Street was destroyed in the XIXth  and XXth century to build secessionist department store of Barasch Brothers (nowadays “DH Feniks”) that was designed by the architect Georg Schneider. The north part was built in by tenement houses in the Middle Ages.

One of them is the “House of Silesian Chemist” (Kurzy Targ Street no. 4) where there was the oldest pharmacy in Wroclaw – “Pharmacy under the double gold eagle”, also called “Pharmacy Garland Market” that worked from the middle of the XIIIth century till 1951. It’s said that it was one of the oldest pharmacies in Poland. In the oldest documents one can find that the name “Pharmacy Garland Market” and “Pharmacy under the double gold eagle” are used interchangeably but the second one clearly indicates getting the privilege of the Emperor. Finally in 1829 the emblem with the name “Pharmacy under the double gold eagle” appeared in the wall of the tenement house and its neighborhood got two wreaths just to highlight the name “Pharmacy Garland Market”.


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