Bolesław Chrobry called saint Adalbert, the  bishop from Czech, to come and carry out missionary works among Prussian’s pagans. When he was on the way he heard that in a forest of Silesia there were hidden groups of pagans and missions didn’t know their existence.  He decided to convert them into Christianity.

Among forests, on a huge glade and very close to cottages, he stood in front of men and women. He started preaching about Christianity and against pagans practices. They were listening to him with disbelief. They were living in peace, they didn’t hurt anyone, forest and land gave them everything and they didn’t want to change it.

Saint Adalbert was tired after preaching and he came down from a stone that he had been standing on. Then the scream of amazement came from the mouths of pagans. Those, who were listening so indifferently, came closer to look at the foot of the bishop that were left clearly in the stone.

This stone might have been located in Opole, but then it was transported to Wroclaw. Since then it  was in the south part of the Cathedral and above it there was the 17th century’s painting that presented saint Adalbert who was standing and holding his cut head in his hands. Nowadays the stone is in the Archdiocese Museum in Wroclaw.

Source: „Legendy i podania wrocławskie i dolnośląskie” Krzysztof Kwaśniewski

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