The cubature exceeding 70 thousand cubic meters, more than 3.5 thousand square meters of usable area on sixth floors and very interesting space are waiting for art. This is a new Modern Museum of Wroclaw.

The modernized raid shelter from the Second World War that is located on Strzegomski Square will be a place for presenting new art till the opening of the new and modern building next to Architecture Museum and Panorama Racławicka. A characteristic feature of the indoors of Modern Museum of Wroclaw is severity and asceticism. One can see white walls, concrete alleys and industrial decors. It’s a great supplement of a solid shelter and a concentric arrangement of the rooms. The only contrast is the club “Beautiful Tube” that is located on the ground floor  which was designed by Swiss architects Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann and it’s a marriage of colours, shapes and materials.

The museum was open on 2 September during a vernissage of Zbigniew Gostomski — “Zaczyna się we Wrocławiu”. The museum is open from Monday till Sunday, except Tuesdays.

Ticket’s price: 10zł – adult ticket, 5zł – half price ticket, 15zł – family ticket, Thursdays are for free.

Source: tuwroclaw

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