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Ivan Semenowicz Polbin was born in 1905 in a prison cell. In the early years, he attended elementary school and worked as a shepherd. A little later he moved from his native village and was employed as a laborer on the railroad. He also joined the Komsomol. When in 1927 he was drafted into the army, he finally found his destiny. He quickly climbed the career ladder, in 1931 he graduated with honors from the military pilot school in Orenburg. For the rest of his life took a total of 157 sorties, and in less than 15 years from a private became a major general of the Red Army. He fought in the Middle East, in the Battle of Stalingrad and Sandomierz. In 1945 he was sent to Lower Silesia.

Why did Polobin become famous? Friends and subordinates certainly admired his impulsive character and courage. Even as a general, despite the prohibition, he continued flying combat. He never left his pilots in difficult missions, or at least in such a way Soviet propaganda showed him. Crazy ideas of Polbin connected with tactical aviation went down in history. Above all the first known use of bombers to shoot down enemy aircraft is attributed to him (usually addressing this with the escort fighters). In October 1943 his regiment destroyed six German planes while losing three of their own. That way the Soviet bombing avoided enemy positions. In 1942 he was awarded the highest title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and three years later he received it the second time. Unfortunately posthumously.

What happened in 1945 above burning Breslau? On February 10, 1945 there was held the first Soviet air raids on the capital of Lower Silesia. The next day, beautiful weather encouraged Polbin who stationed in Brzeg to lead the regiment of nine bombers over Oporów, a village near Wroclaw. He chose to fly over the city, hoping that would hide in the dense smoke bursting from the burning buildings. This courageous decision proved disastrous for him and the crew. Pe-2 aircraft was spotted and shot down by a cannon standing in Fiołkowa street near today’s FAT. The machine exploded, the remains of the general has never been found.

Nowadays, one of the streets of Kozanów is named after him.

Author: Tajemniczy Wrocław

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Neither in Cape Town nor in Budapest but in Wroclaw there will be organized the 2017 non-Olympic sports competitions, announced Thursday its decision the authorities of the International World Games Association. Among the disciplines that Wroclaw will propose there will be lacrosse and kickboxing.

Non-Olympic sports competitions will be held in Wroclaw in 37 disciplines. Wroclaw can propose five of them. “Two disciplines which we will propose as an organizer will be lacrosse and kickboxing in formula K1. We will let the residents of Wroclaw to select the other three” – explains Piotr Uhle of the committee of The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw will be visited by approximately 3.5 thousand participants and more than 400 thousand fans.

The World Games is an international sports event which started in 1981 and is organized in the year after the summer Olympic Games (under the auspices of the IOC – thus it is right to the Olympic rings). Some of the sports played at the World Games are former Olympic disciplines (tug), or were incorporated into the Olympic program (triathlon, taekwondo).

Source: tuwroclaw

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