Neither in Cape Town nor in Budapest but in Wroclaw there will be organized the 2017 non-Olympic sports competitions, announced Thursday its decision the authorities of the International World Games Association. Among the disciplines that Wroclaw will propose there will be lacrosse and kickboxing.

Non-Olympic sports competitions will be held in Wroclaw in 37 disciplines. Wroclaw can propose five of them. “Two disciplines which we will propose as an organizer will be lacrosse and kickboxing in formula K1. We will let the residents of Wroclaw to select the other three” – explains Piotr Uhle of the committee of The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw will be visited by approximately 3.5 thousand participants and more than 400 thousand fans.

The World Games is an international sports event which started in 1981 and is organized in the year after the summer Olympic Games (under the auspices of the IOC – thus it is right to the Olympic rings). Some of the sports played at the World Games are former Olympic disciplines (tug), or were incorporated into the Olympic program (triathlon, taekwondo).

Source: tuwroclaw

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