Only  to 17th February there are collected posts on the website for the “Book of 2012 reasons to love Wroclaw”. Most of them will be in the paper edition of the book. For extraordinary places and people, for the opportunity to develop, for their extraordinary cultural and sports events – there are a lot of reasons why they love their city and all of them are important. The proof of this is the book which has been prepared for nearly 10 months – “The Book of 2012 reasons to love Wroclaw“.

Who has not had the opportunity to write down why he loves Wroclaw can still do it. This is the last chance to become a co-author of the extraordinary publication. Love entries will have been collected by 17 February 2012. (Friday) at

After collecting, the reasons will be placed in the, and then the most interesting will be chosen for  the paper version of the book. The names of the authors will be published in the book. In addition, they will receive the copy free of charge to thank them for their participation.

“Book of 2012 reasons to love Wroclaw” (in soft and hard cover) will be available in bookstores before the UEFA EURO 2012 TM. Additionally, the album publication will be an extraordinary gift for official guests of Wroclaw’s authorities. “Book of 2012 reasons to love Wroclaw” will consist of 21 chapters. It is enough to register  to, and write down your reason why you love our city. The book is part of a promotional campaign of Wroclaw for UEFA EURO 2012 TM.

Source: tuwroclaw

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