March 26, 2012 was the second birthday of business blog “Enjoy Wroclaw”. Below a few statistics.

Until now, there have been 179 blog posts, the average monthly number of visits over 3000, and the highest daily viewing 1055 people. Over the last year the category of posts has expanded  on the legends and stories about Wroclaw and got deeper into the history of Wroclaw. My goal and purpose of this blog is to show you, my readers, Wroclaw’s future, but also its past and present. Therefore, besides the history I write about what is happening and will happen in Wroclaw in the near future. Also on my blog I regularly publish topics related to the seasons or the holidays such as Christmas market.

I would like to show you, and also myself, Wroclaw seen by others. To date, there have been some posts written by people from outside of Wroclaw which has been received very positively. If one of you, my readers, would like to share your memories, thoughts and impressions on Wroclaw feel invited. The condition is one: a post must be in English. It can be associated with Wroclaw interesting stories or anecdotes which will be interesting for  other blog readers of Wroclaw. Wroclaw shown by you may be quite different as I present.

All interested are encouraged to contact on michal.strzepek[@]

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