Wroclaw Jazz Festival Jazz nad Odra, besides the Jazz Jamboree and Jazz in Cracow All Souls’ Day, is one of the oldest Polish jazz festivals. It started in 1964 in Pałacyk, a famous student club. Since its begining, it has played a significant role on the Polish music scene. Winning an award in the festival competition, being noticed by the jury, or the critics, was a pass for young musicians to the professional careers.

The competition, which in the early years of the festival was its most important element  selected such personalities of the Polish jazz scene as: Ewa Bem, Vladimir Nahorny, Zbigniew Seifert, Krzesimir Debski, Jaroslaw Smietana, Janusz Strobel, Piotr Baron, Henryk Miskiewicz and Tomasz Szukalski, Andrzej Zaucha. The list is very long and spectacular. Over the years the festival has changed the profile, there were more stars from European and world jazz (such were the expectations of the festival audience), but the competition selecting ” jazz individuality ” remains “salt” of the event.

This year the festival gathers stars such as Lars Danielsson Quartet and Tomasz Stanko Quartet.


Source: PIK Wroclaw

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