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Archival photographs in 3D, interactive screens, multimedia displays and maps — these are just some of the attractions of the newly opened Discovery Center in the Centennial Hall.

“Discovery Center” consists of several rooms. Historical Room will take us to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. With the right décor, and music we will know the realities of the work of architects of the Peoples Hall, and we will learn more about the scale of the project. The room will surprise visitors with glittering drawers and telephones using which we will hear a conversation with witnesses of important events related to the hall.

A place with phones will for sure arouse a great interest as you can listen to the statements of people involved in building the hall. There was recorded for example a photographer Stanislav Sadowski, who “immortalized” in a film events organized in the hall in 1948 during Recovered Territories Exhibition. You can also listen to the sound of the original organs, which were standing in the hall till 1945.

The educational-cognitive room is going to bring us  the history of Wroclaw closer. Young people will find interactive games and puzzles here. In the so-called Visitor’s Center one will find animations on touch screens and sleek, spacious hall model. There will also be a gift shop, where one can buy books and toys related to the hall.

The exhibition will be tailored for the blind and disabled. Electronic guide will help to listen about the history of the hall in Polish, English and German.

Source: Gazeta Wrocławska

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Hasse House is one of the most outstanding buildings of Wroclaw from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Its unique architecture is sublime and noble scenery in the southern German style. Modern Wroclaw associate it mainly with the fact that houses the Consulate General of the Federal German Republic.

The villa was built between 1897 to 1899 for a wealthy family Haasebrewery owners in Krakowska Street no 88-106. In 1896 the owner of the brewery, founded in 1858 by Eduard Haase, and its time the largest brewery in eastern Germany, was Georg Haase – Wroclaw brewer and entrepreneur, a visionary development of the spa (he was the founder of Polanica-Zdrój), and tourism. From an early age George was prepared to take the family business, so received a thorough education in the cultivation and processing of barley and beer production, becoming a well-known specialist in the industry. Held for this purpose a number of practice and study trips to breweries in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. He has published dissertation, “The refining of the Silesian species and increasing the barley harvest,” and published a pamphlet Fri “Against the total abstinence” (Gegen totale Alkoholabstinenz) to realize the beneficial effects of drinking beer in not excessive quantities.

Haase villa was designed by Otto March’s – German architect, building a secret counselor trained in Berlin and Vienna. It was held in 1888 tour of Great Britain, which inspired him to design buildings in the English style. A similar villa, built for the German chemist and industrialist Carl Kolbe, located in Radebeulu, in Saxony. Besides March palaces designed in Lusatia, Silesia (Palace in Komorzna) and the Wielkopolska and the churches in Berlin, Eisenach and Cologne. Some basements were Willi club rooms (billiards, beer bar), on the ground floor were representative rooms (room receptions, music room). On the first floor, there were bedrooms and children’s rooms, the attic – guest rooms, bedrooms, living room and laundry. Richly decorated interior, two-story lobby, stone facades and sculptural decoration of the picturesque coach house in the garden represent the uniqueness of this object in the scale of the city and the region.

Source: tuwroclaw

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How do human body and senses work? What is cloning? What way must a drug travel before it reaches a pharmacy?We will be able to learn all of this interactively in Humanitarium, a new facility which has been established in the complex EIT+ in Pracze Odrzańskie.

The purpose of the construction of this building is to stimulate a desire to understand the human body and mind, as well as curiosity and respect for the surrounding world. Humanitarium will offer visitors an interactive exhibition with multimedia elements. Everything you can touch, hear, smell and not only just see. The idea is to gain knowledge through direct experience as this exhibition will explore all the senses.

Humanitarium is not only an attraction for children and young people. A wide range of software will also appeal to their parents, grandparents and teachers. In Humanitarium one can find an exhibition hall with a mezzanine, a rotunda conference room, two laboratories for young investigators, and a souvenir shop in the lobby and a small catering point.

The centre for Humanitarium will be divided into several thematic sections, including: human body, the world of the senses, ecology and energy, engineering, genetics, medicine. It will contain more than 40 interactive exhibits.

– Thanks to them visitors will know different sources of energy that can be used in everyday life,
– They will test their senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and the sense of balance,
– They will see how much water there is in our body,
– and will know which way a drug must travel before it reaches a pharmacy.

In Humanitarium complicated issues related to cloning and gene therapy will be explained using a multimedia game.

Source: tuwroclaw

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