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Jatki is one of the most beautiful and often visited place in Wroclaw. This street is located among market paths and it brings Italian Tuscany to mind . When you walk there you can feel the climate of the renaissance spirit.

In the Middle Ages people traded meat here. With time Jatki started to be houses. Nowadays one of the best Wroclaw’s artists have their art galleries and studios here. The parts of houses are the shops with painting, weaving or stationery materials.

Wroclaw’s Jatki photos

Wooden arcades used in slaughter stalls cooleding the street. They protected from weather and were used as frames for meat exposure. Other interesting things are the basements under the frames that have entrance just in the cobbles of the street. They were used for storing merchandise even long after constructing a fridge.

The monument of natural size livestock and poultry was built in 1997 and located in the east part of the street.

Source: Wikitravel

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