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The Lovers slam padlocks at Tumski Bridge to ensure love for ever. The bridge became a favourite place for lovers. People come to the bridge that links Ostrow Tumski with Piasek Island (‘Sand Island’) and slam padlocks with their names written on them at steel barriers. They throw the key into the Odra River. As a result their love will be for ever.

There are few lovers’ bridges in Europe: in Kiev, Paris, Vilnius and Riga. However, the most famous lover’s bridge is the Milivio Bridge in Rome where there are thousands of padlocks posing  even a danger of its collapse.

The Lovers Bridge photos

In the past the Tumski Bridge was the hope for lonely hearts. Wroclaw’s residents who couldn’t find a lover came there. Before the Amor arrow was shot, one had to walk. First of all the love seekers had to pat the monument of lion next to the door of the Cathedral. Then they had to pray or spoke with the monument. Finally they had to go to the Tumski Bridge as quickly as possible. The aim of all these steps was that the first person met on the Bridge fell in love with a love seeker.

Source: Nasze Miasto

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