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The 10th time in the center of the city one thousand guitarists will play together, “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix and will try to beat the Guinness World Record. Last year the musicians did not succeed. How will it this time?
– It seems to me that in 2012 we have a good chance of beating our record – said Leszek Cichoński, organizer of the Guinness World Record Guitar. – This is the tenth edition, we invite a lot of great guitarists. Above all, it’s a tradition that you have to be with your a guitar in Wroclaw 1 May.

The beatings of the record will be supported by  a whole group of famous musicians, not just guitar virtuosos. On 1 May at noon there will appear Europe band, Marcus Miller, Leon Hendrix – Jimi Hendrix’s brother, Stan Skibby and the Whitesnake guitarist – Bernie Mardsen. The Guinness World Record Guitar beatings will also have Polish accent. On stage there will appear Muniek Staszczyk, Tomek “Lipa” Lipnicki, Leszek Mozdzer and Michal Urbaniak. Traditionally, the record-breaking will be “motivated” by Leszek Cichoński. He celebrates his 30th anniversary on stage as a guitarist.

You too can help to break the record. Just come with your guitar or other plucked instrument on the market square 1 May, and know how to play five simple chords of the song “Hey Joe”. Instructions are here.

In addition, the guitarists will play together the songs: “Like A Rolling Stone”, “Voodoo Child”, “Smoke on the Water”, “Little Wing,”, “Wild Thing,” “Red House Blues”, “Thanks Jimi” and “When I was a little boy.”

On the same day at 5 p.m. there will be a concert on Slodowa Island . T.Love  will play first, then Europe will enter the stage famous for the hit “The Final Countdown.” Tickets cost 85 zł and 100 zł. Guitar players taking part in beating the Guinness world record can buy them for 30 zł.

On 2 May in the Thanks Jimi Festival on Slodowa Island there will play a guitar virtuoso Marcus Miller. Tickets cost 70 zł, , and the pass on the day of the concert 80 zł. Discounts for the concert are offered to the participants of the Guinness Record Guitar, who will pay 30 zł for the pass.


Source: MMWroclaw

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I have a bad news for you. The concert was called off. Instead of Sinead will play Tanita Tikaram. Time and date is the same.

Sinead O’Connor is going to perform on Slodowa Island during WrocLove Fest 2012 on 19th June 2012. This will be her first concert in Poland after the release of her latest album “How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?“.

Sinead O’Connor can’t be confused with any other figure on the music scene. This is a singer having sensitive, breaking the hearts, yet psychedelic and disturbing voice. It is also a rebellious spirit, the warrior queen of music. Tireless in her actions, despite the controversy, which for all the years has gathered around her, not giving up, giving numerous concerts, and releasing better and better albums. Sinead O’Connor is certainly a unique phenomenon on the music scene, and her concerts are remembered for long time.

Sinead musical career flourished with the first hit “Mandika” in 1987, a multi-platinum success of ‘I Do Not Want What I Have not Got” with an unforgettable version of the Prince song “Nothing Compares 2 U” which strengthened her position in modern popular music. In the next years she cooperated with a lot of musicians and released the next albums in which she experimented with such distant musical genres as Irish folk “Sean-Nos Nua” (2002) and roots reggae “Throw Down Your Arms” (2005). She has worked with such artists as Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, The Chieftans, Asian Dub Foundation, Burning Spear, and Sly & Robbie. Sinead O’Connor is one of the icons of Irish music, and has had this status for over 30 years of her artistic activity. Until now she  has released 13 albums, the last “How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?” which appeared on the world market on March 5, 2012.

The concert will be held during the artist WrocLove Fest 2012, a three-day music event organized on the occasion of Wrocław days. The performance at the Fest WrocLove has already been confirmed by Gentleman, a reggae star, and Stephen Marley and Chambao the Spanish flamenco chill star.

Time: 19.06.2012 6 p.m.

Place: Slodowa Island


Source: Kultura Wp

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Słodowa Island is a small island on the Odra river in Stare Miasto district and downtown water junction, in the neighborhood of Bielarska Island and Młyńska Island that are a bit smaller than Słodowa. Słodowa Island is divided from Młyńska Island by a short watercourse and it is connected with this island through Słodowy Bridge and Bielarska Island is connected through 20 meter long Saint Klara Brigde that is located above the canal that is a remnant of two mills. The first of them belonged to the monastery of Poor Clares, and the second one to Franciscans of Saint Jacob. The first one was built in 1242 and the second in 1275. After some time the second one also became the property of Poor Clares so they were called Saint Clare’s mills.

Both islands were originally called Bielarska Tylna and Bielarska Przednia (nowadays Słodowa). The names came from the painter canvas’ guild that worked there. The ground of the island belonged to Poor Clares since the Middle Ages, when they stayed outside the city walls, through the XVIIIth century’s rebuilding of fortifications on the right edge of the Odra River, till the 1807-1810 when the fortifications were demolished and the island changed the owner for the city hall. Then there were built two iron bridges between the islands and the residential buildings on them.

In the first part of the XXth century there was built the route that joined two edges of the Odra River. In the Second World War during the siege all buildings were destroyed; only the mills and few other buildings were saved.

Saint Clara’s mills existed till 1975, when they were destroyed by sappers. It was a decision of president Marian Czuliński and was criticized by all citizens and people of culture inter alia Jerzy Waldorff, architects, urbanites and restorers especially because one year before there had been introduced a programme that protected monuments. The mills weren’t dangerous and after rebuilding they could have been a great example of the Middle Age monuments.

Source: Wikipedia

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