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The inspiration for the fourth edition of “Europe on a plate” under the auspices of Robert Makłowicz and Piotr Bikont are the European Championship in football – on Wroclaw’s Market Square we will be able to try food from countries participating in Euro 2012.

On Saturday, June 2 the food market will start, and on Sunday, June 3, the organizers will invite for feasting together. The feast will be accompanied by Zbigniew Czwojdy Big Band featuring Justyna Steczkowska.

It will be accompanied by IV Tournament “Wroclaw Nalewki” and II skirmish fruit distillates and workshop-meeting information on the production of distillates in Austria, fair cookbooks and culinary special meeting of the”Gadki-szmatki Literatki”.

The following dishes will be tasted on the Wroclaw Market Square, June 3:


Riblja Juha – fish soup,
Cream of patlidzana – cream of eggplant,
Pileći bataci s prsutom and kaduljom – chicken legs with prosciutto and sage.

Czech Republic

Smazeny syr s tatarskou omackou – fried cheese with tartar sauce,
Bramborove knedliky s moravskym zelim a slaninou – potato dumplings with cabbage and Moravian bacon .


Fiskefilet med remoulade – fish fillet with remoulade sauce, served with a piece of wholemeal bread,
Frikadeller – meatballs with minced meat, served with sweet and sour salad with a piece of wholemeal bread,
Hanekamme – combs with dough stuffed with apple marmalade and ground nuts, plenty of iced.


Baked beans with potato – baked beans in tomato sauce served with baked potato,
Clark’s pie – rolls stuffed with beef in vegetable sauce,
Fish and chips – fried fish fillets served with potatoes and mayonnaise, in accordance with the English tradition, served with lemon on a piece of paper and gray paper.

Bouillabaisse – Marseilles fish soup served with a piece of baguette,
Ratatouille – Provencal vegetable stew served with baguette.


Allerlei Leipzig – Leipzig variety – stew with mushrooms and vegetables cooked in beef broth served with white cream sauce,
Bratwürste mit Sauerkraut – grilled sausage on sauerkraut on rye rogalu given Kornspitz,
Quark-Streuselkuchen – German classic cheesecake with streusel.

Psito Arni – lamb cooked in yogurt sauce,
Kalamaria – salad with squid.


Dublin Coddle, among others – Irish stew with sausage, potatoes and apples,
Irish Stew – Irish Stew dish of pork and vegetables,
Baileys chocolate cheesecake – chocolate cheesecake with Baileys liqueur with the addition of creme fraiche.


Tripp Minestra di alla Piemontese – Tripe piemoncku with pieces of savoy cabbage, garnished with parmesan cheese served with a piece of baguette,
Panna cotta – cooked cream dessert .

The Netherlands

Sub gum – made from rice and poultry meat,
Kaasaardappelen – scalloped potatoes and gouda cheese,
Poffert – cake with raisins and candied fruit,
Spekpannenkoek – pancakes with bacon.


Dumplings from the oven from the east – cottage cheese, potatoes, cottage cheese and onion,
Krasne – with pork and sauerkraut,
One large pie from the oven with dill salad,
The pig roast – stuffed with buckwheat and offal
Roast duck – apples and beets, served with cranberry-horseradish mousse,
Zurek soup – with egg and sausage,


Sopa da Pedra (stone soup) – soup with pieces of sausage and brown beans, and fresh coriander served with a slice of rye bread,
Tomatoes recheados – baked tomatoes stuffed with meat with brown rice.


Szczi – Russian soup of leafy vegetables cooked in fish broth,
Blini – Russian traditional yeast pancakes served with sour cream and salmon.


Gazpacho Andaluz – traditional Andalusian gazpacho,
Pollo a la chilindron – chicken stew,
Crema Catalana – traditional Catalan cream.


LAKS Norsk – Norwegian salmon served with mashed potatoes with vegetables on baked potatoes,
Ostkaka – traditional Scandinavian cheesecake.


Fish in the cabbage-krymsky fish on cabbage marinated in mustard, buckwheat honey and cumin,
Gałuszki – potato-meat patties,
Hhryczanniki – pancakes with buckwheat and meat,
Czanachy – thick soup with meat,
Slips of grybnym sojsom potatoes – potato pancakes with mushroom sauce, so called. Muscovites.

Europe on the plate 2011

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza Wrocław

ObrazekThe city hall has prepared the special map for football fans and tourists that includes all the most important information such as Fan Embassies, Fan Zone, Police Station, Health Care etc. You can find it here.

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